MustangDyne MD 250 HD

MD 250 HD – the best heavy duty dyno you can buy.

A beefed up version of the MD-250

The MD-250-HD is a strengthened version of the normal MD 250. The criteria behind the design process was to create a 2wd dyno that would take everything from a lightweight RWD car through to a very heavy big rear wheel drive truck, bus or commercial vehicle.

MD 250 – Best in class

No other dyno comes close to the MD 250 HD in like for like comparisons. In its class it has more value for money and in house testing capabilities than any of its rivals.

MD 250 HD handles big power!

The MD 250 HD can easily measure up to 1500hp. It has a top speed of 175mph. The air cooled eddy brake provides 900hp of steady state load testing. The friction-less eddy brake provides a reliable and consistent platform for testing emissions, drive cycles, steady state and variable testing or just all out power runs.

You’re in control with the 250 HD

Data acquisition system lets you customise a huge wide range of tests. You can also select from massive range of pre-configured tests.

Easy loading

With the 4 roller “craddle” design, loading cars is very easy. Simply drive onto the dyno and let the tyres settle in the rollers. Then strap the car, put the details into the software and away you go!

Order today!

The MD-250 rolling road can be used with such ease thanks to the straightforward software and fantastic build quality and capability. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your tuning workshop! Dyno and rolling road sales with support and training available all across Europe. Check out the full specification below.


MD-250-HD Series
Max Horsepower: 1,500 hp peak measurement capacity
Max Absorption: 900 hp peak absorption
Loading Device: Air-cooled eddy current power absorber (model MDK-250)
Inertia: Approximately 2,000 lbs. base mechanical inertia
Max Speed: 175 mph
Controls: Closed Loop Digital Controller with WindowsXP based PowerDyne Software. Includes Patented Virtual Road Simulation Technology.
Rolls/Wheelbase: Precision machined and dynamically balanced Knurled finish for superior tire traction Belted for bi-directional capability 10.7” (272mm) diameter balanced rolls 40” (1,016mm) face length 28” (711mm) inner track width 108” (2,743mm) outer track width 19.6” (498mm) roll spacing
Roll Lock: Industrial brake pad in contact with O.D. of roll
Roll Decelerator: Allows vehicle deceleration without use of vehicle brakes. Eddy Current PAU used to decelerate rollers.
Air Requirements: 80 PSI, dry, regulated, oil free
Power Requirements: 115 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 15 Amps (computer) 230 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 40 Amps (dynamometer)
Axle Weight: 26,000lbs. (11,818kg) maximum
Shipping Weight: 4,500 lbs. (dynamometer weight only)