The Viezu team is on hand to help with all your dyno questions, tuning and training. Some of the most common questions we hear are below – if you have any others just let us know.

Simply put, it’s the best dyno we have ever used!

It provides accurate and consistent readings on cars day in, day out, month after month and year after year.

Having accurate data is the most important thing for any respectable dyno operator or tuner. The Mustang Dyno will not inflate your ego with over the top horsepower and torque figures. It will show you exactly what the car is running at the wheels.

Choose what you want!

It is very customise-able, so you can configure it to run as many as 10 custom ‘user defined’ channels. You can log your boost and AFR readings on the dyno itself and OBD data log a huge range of vehicles.

It is incredibly well engineered and the physical components of the dyno are kept as simple and reliable as possible, with all of the clever electronics and software kept away from any rotating parts so as to maintain very precise and repeatable data.

Yes! In almost all cases finance is available for a dyno. Please enquire with the specifics of your order and we will do all we can to help and advise.

You are in luck! We of course have one ourselves at our head office. We run the Mustang MD500 AWD dyno and can book you in to view it and demonstrate a vehicle running on it.

This is very much dependent upon your needs and requirements. The larger and more bespoke the order, the longer it will take. Traditionally up to 12 weeks is a normal lead time, but these can vary a little especially where shipping is involved, due to weather conditions etc.  All orders are updated regularly so that the customer can see what stage their dyno build is at, and of course once shipped it’s a case of just monitoring the tracking number as with any type of shipment nowadays.

The dyno can be fitted by us or by an international mustang engineer.  Again, the options and availability of engineers at the time for fitment when your dyno arrives is the key factor when deciding this. Of course Viezu is available for fitment and training around the UK, with international fitting and training through one of our Mustang representatives.

Yes, we offer on-site training or we can provide in-house training on our very own Mustang AWD dyno.

With a dedicated team of mechanical and software engineers on hand, the mustang support is fantastic. Although in reality there is normally very little, if any need to use it, it brings peace of mind knowing that there is support and backup should you have any questions, issues or wish to discuss readings from a car.  The team is there to support you.

Full 1 year parts warranty and free service and support.

Please submit any questions