Mustang Dynamometer Company Profile Mustang Dynamometer Company Profile

Mustang Dynamometer Company Profile

Accurate-Rolling Road Testing

 Mustang Dynamometer Company Profile

Mustang Dynamometer Company Profile; trading since 1975, Mustang is over 30 years old and has experienced tremendous growth and continued success. Its global expansion marks Official Mustang Dyne International Distributors in the UK and EU through Viezu Technologies Ltd.  Other international offices include China, Australia, India, The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia,  The Mustang Dyne brand has certainly earned its excellent reputation for innovation, reliability and accuracy as far as dynamometer technology and rolling road technology is concerned.

Viezu Technologies as an aftermarket vehicle tuner and test and measurement facility for a variety of R&D projects can give testimony to the fact that the Service and Support is totally exemplary from Mustang Dyne’s Support Team; they are knowledgeable and more than that, the product is totally reliable and robust.

Lamborghini Aventador VIP Edge Rolling Road Tests

Lamborghini Aventador VIP Edge Rolling Road Tests

The USA has high controls and standards in place for testing, Mustang Dyne are therefore constantly reviewing changes in government regulations, safety and emissions standards, technological advancements and the ever-present desire for increased performance – this is why Viezu fully endorses this product for its test and measurement and training facility in the UK. “it is the only dyno and rolling road we have been confident in using” – Paul Busby – CEO Viezu Technologies “and now we are the UK and EU Distributor, interested buyers can come and see the robustness and accuracy of the equipment at our facilities in Warwickshire” 

Viezu carries out vehicle styling and performance tuning and through its VIP Design London brand has produced projects that include the Jaguar F-Type 650 Predator and the Lamborghini Aventador VIP Edge – the Mustang Dyne Rolling Road has ben instrumental in the research and development processes necessary to produce the results obtained from these high end vehicles.

The Mustang Dyne Rolling Road Sales are global leaders in the development of sophisticated dynamometer technology. With advanced engineering capabilities and new innovative product lines year on year to maintain a cutting edge in the Dyno sector.

Mustang is truly the world’s premiere manufacturer of automotive, industrial and aerospace testing equipment.  Leaders in dynamometers and testing ttechnologiesand much more.

Mustang is highly-diversified, a technology driven engineering Company focused on efficient design, and manufacturing.  The software and controls and integration capabilities position Mustang perfectly in terms of being the top supplier to the industry.

There is a Team of highly experienced Software Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers working tirelessly to produce the Company’s products and systems in-house at the Mustang  plant in Twinsburg, Ohio, USA.

With the ability to react rapidly to customer requirements and changes in the industry. 

Please contact Viezu Technologies to view and inspect the 300bhp all wheel drive rolling road and ask any questions about purchase price, shipping, installation and training – Viezu are here to help. Contact Viezu on 01789774444 or email

Mustang Dyne Rolling Road

Mustang Dyne Rolling Road

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