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AWD Dyno Tuning 666hp Audi RS6

AWD dyno and 4wd rolling road

666hp Audi RS6AWD Dyno tuning the devil!

AWD Dyno tuning the monstrous Audi RS6 is a true wild experience. Over 550hp stock, and a mind boggling 700nm, the RS6 has enough raw power to rip tarmac and melt tyres. Tuned the car produces 666hp!

AED dyno rolling road

AWD Rolling road audi rs6 tuning


Professional tuning!

To tune this car professionally and safely you MUST have the correct equipment. Cars like this cannot be tuned on the road with some cheap data logger. A laptop connected to the OBD port bouncing around on the passenger seat is not a good idea. The ONLY way to safely tune one of these ferocious 4.0TFSI powered cars is on a Mustang full mechanically linked all wheel drive dynamometer.

A rolling road for every one!

With so much horsepower and torque, it is vitally important that you have the right AWD dyno in order to tune the car. The range of Mustang AWD (all wheel drive) dynamometer’s provide exactly what you need. From the compact md-150 through to the big brother MD-500. The Mustang range has a dyno for all requirements. All Mustang dynos are built on a platform of strength and simplicity. This makes them incredibly strong and reliable for tuners and very easy to use. Coping with up to 3000whp the MD500 is the best AWD dyno on the market. straight a straight forward no nonsense approach to the design. Built in AFR logging makes it easy to record on screen and print across the AWDdyno graph for the customer to see the final result.

A Mustang made an all wheel drive dyno that can accurately measure any cars hp and torque in the world. From the long wheel base of a Bentley Continental, to the extremely short 92 inch Porsche 996, you need a Mustangdyne to dyno them. With simplicity to the control system allowing complete novices to accurately and safely dyno cars. Experienced custom tuners who are also supported with every data logging option available to them.

md 500 mustang AWD rolling road

AWD audi rs6 dyno graph on a mustang md500



Mustang rolling road customisation

Customise your rolling road with an almost endless list of options for your Mustang Dynamometer. Emissions testing with gas anlaysers and highway and urban government tests pre-programmed into the software.

Run 1/4 mile drag runs to test your car or get customers to challenge each other.

Load testing, locking the vehicle at a set rpm or speed to component test. This is impossible on the road, but with a Mustang AWD rolling road you can do this testing. You can carry out repeatable tests back to back in controlled safe conditions.

mustang awd dyno md 500 tuning

AWD Dyno Tuning audi rs6 mustang md500




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