Mustang MD 250 Chassis Dynamometer

Mustang MD 250 Chassis Dynamometer

Mustang Dynamometers

Viezu Technologies Ltd is the UK and European Distributor for the original Mustang Dyne dynamometer Rolling Road. Viezu has a fully operational all wheel drive dyno and accompanying software.

Mustang Dynamometer is the “original” Mustang company and currently offers some of the finest off-the-shelf eddy current chassis dynamometers available anywhere, including rear-wheel-drive, front-wheel-drive, and all-wheel-drive dynos, as well as motor bike and all terrain testing too.

Mustang Dynamometer offers a complete line-up of dyno systems, ranging in roll diameter from 8.75” to 50”, with horsepower measurement capabilities of up to 3,000+bhp.

Mustang Dynamometer produces an unparalleled range of eddy brake engine dynamometer systems and a full range of dynamometer hardware, software, and accessories.

Mustang Dynamometer also offers a number of software packages including PowerDyne, our standard dyne control and data acquisition package, a complete virtual drag-racing simulator package called DragSim, and a variety of custom systems for very specialised applications.

Mustang Dynamometer has experienced substantial growth over the past 10 years and has positioned itself as the leading dynamometer company in the performance aftermarket.

Mustang Dyne Rolling Road

Mustang Dyne Rolling Road

Viezu Technologies Ltd – Vehicle Performance, Tuning and Styling

Viezu Technologies is proud to be at the very cutting edge of vehicle tuning and ECU remapping. We offer the very best in custom tuning – and so when we chose a dyno, our reputation is at stake – we chose Mustang.

The Viezu Technical Academy

The Team behind Viezu Tuning have been in the motor industry for over 25 years, tuning and working on prestige vehicles since 1990. Supporting over 600 Viezu Approved Dealers Globally, Viezu relies heavily on its dynamometre to ensure vehicle software upgrades deliver the results vehicle owners expect from us.

The Viezu Global Head Quarters is based in Warwickshire, the centre of the United Kingdom. The Head Quarters supports a test and measurement facility where the Mustang Dyne Rolling Road is at the centre of works carried out. In addition the Viezu Technical Academy , an IMI Quality Approved Training Centre, supports training delegates from around the world too, all training is carried out using the Mustang Dyne Rolling Road – a critical tool to ensuring ECU re-calibration work is carried out correctly and accurate and reliable data for performance,  bhp, torque, speed and emissions. The rolling road is central to all training programs.

Mustang Dyne – Endorsed as a robust answer to test and measurement

Developed with over 20 years of hands-on experience, our car tuning and remap services have been tested and developed on our own Mustang Dyno at Viezu HQ. Viezu’ Technologies and its tuning software is used and recommended by the most passionate customers, and largest fleet operators in the world. To date Viezu is the only ISO 9001 registered organisation and is the only automotive tuning provider that we know of in the world that has this quality standard. So it’s no wonder Viezu fully endorses Mustang Dyne a Quality Assured Organisation.

If you are looking for a reliable, robust and accurate rolling road dyno, or would simply like to know more about them, you are very welcome to visit Viezu Technologies Research Centre where we house our 3000 bhp All-wheel-drive Mustang.  Four-wheel drive dynamometer and approved emission testing facility. Our friendly Team will be happy to take you through varied uses of the Mustang Dyno Rolling Road, the tuning process and provide a live demonstration of the Mustang dyno – appointment required.

Supporting its Dealer Network

Viezu now supports over 600 dealers across 64 different countries with a reputation for providing quality consultation, research and development to some of the world’s best automotive brands in manufacturers, race teams, vehicle stylists and tuners.

At our remap research centre we’ve developed the very finest car tuning and remapping software in the world. Over the years we have tried and operated many different dynos – it’s easy to make the wrong choice and this really does have to be a purchasing decision you need to get right – make it a Mustang and it’s one thing you will not have to worry about again.